signature solutions provides expert cad solutions for model applications

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rf cad

Signature Solutions CAD Modelers produce high fidelity geometry models for use in state-of-the-art radar signature prediction codes. From low frequency application mesh requirements to high frequency level of detail and resolution requirements, SSI modelers have the experience and expertise to support RF and radar CAD requirements.



Signature Solutions Inc's CAD experts support high fidelity surface meshes for use in infrared signature analysis and predictive data generation. SSI modelers work in tandem with IR analyst to develop custom meshes to satisfy simulation input requirements. 

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SSI expertise extends to optimized polygonal geometry and visually stunning texture maps for use in visualization simulations and graphical display applications. Our expertise also extends to custom animation and video compositing applications. 

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Engineering Design

Signature Solutions, Inc. CAD modelers have both depth and breadth of experience with strong mechanical engineering backgrounds. We support CAD design and solid modeling for manufacturing hardware and prototype fabrication to include full-scale surrogate and range test vehicles, custom test fixtures, and mechanical hardware interfaces.