signature solutions provides a wide array of expertise in ir modeling and simulation


Target Modeling

Signature Solutions provides high fidelity infrared target model solutions for ground and air vehicles using a variety of state of the art predictive signature tools. We create custom meshes for use in IR signature predictions. By harnessing the power of predictive simulations for IR signatures, our IR model products capture diurnal cycle and operational state in a robust, cost effective simulation input.



Signature Solutions signature analyst have extensive experience with multiple DoD test ranges and infrared data collections for characterization and testing of thermal signatures. We support all phases of IR testing from requirements definition, test planning, test article shipping, test execution, on-site real-time data analysis, and post test reporting. Signature Solutions' involvement in range test programs ensures our customer program test objectives are met on schedule and under cost.



Our IR signature analysts have extensive experience in supporting target verification, validation, and accreditation activities and requirements. Signature Solutions has authored over twenty formal validation and accreditation reports for multiple hardware surrogates, threat target representations, and virtual target models in support of weapon system developmental and operational testing and milestone decisions. We know the process and provide our customers with the technical skills and backgrounds to support their VV&A requirements.

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signature design & management

Signature Solutions utilizes IR predictive models to design, evaluate, and manage infrared signatures of hardware surrogate and range target systems. Through the use of predictive analysis techniques our engineers support thermal augmentation and IR signature management activities to ensure range and target test requirements are fully met.