signature solutions personnel have over 30 years experience supporting hwil

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rf systems

Signature Solutions test engineers have years of experience supporting and interfacing with RF Systems in HWIL simulation environments. Our staff has extensive experience in RF facility calibration, integration, control, and subsystem testing and troubleshooting. In addition to daily support of HWIL operations, we specialize in developing requirements and specifications for special RF test setups and new RF subsystem hardware integration.

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facility control

Signature Solutions engineers have over 30 years experience in HWIL Facility Control. We specialize in the development and operation of facility control software to initiate, coordinate, command, and integrate processes such as 6DOF, target, clutter, multipath, graphics, and data collection software within the HWIL simulation environment.

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Signature Solutions software customization experience centers on increasing speed and fidelity to meet customer simulation needs. We vectorize and parallelize code to take advantage of multi-core and GPU processors to achieve orders of magnitude speed improvement over traditional single threaded applications. Our engineers routinely improve software and algorithm performance to the point that simulations can effectively run on off the shelf hardware, thus providing cost effective and timely solutions to customer computational challenges.

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algorithm development

Signature Solutions has extensive experience in supporting HWIL Simulations through novel, creative, and pertinent algorithm development. Our history of HWIL support includes maintenance and upgrades of legacy software as well as new algorithm developments to improve speed and fidelity for simulation model requirements such as target, clutter, electronic attack, and multipath phenomena. Our expertise includes non-realtime and realtime applications.