signature solutions provides cost effective analysis and insight to electromagnetic phenomenology

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weapon system evaluation

Signature Solutions specializes in RF and MMW analysis and simulation in support of weapon systems evaluation. We define requirements and specifications for new and emerging RF seekers and sensors, develop realtime and non-realtime simulations of weapon and system algorithms, develop and create target and environmental models for RF/MMW simulations, and support weapon system data collections and flight tests.

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Hardware in the loop ANALYSIS

Signature Solutions engineers have over 30 years of experience supporting RF analysis and simulation of electromagnetic phenomenology in HWIL environments. We develop software algorithms and offline simulations to provide RF and MMW analysis of seeker responses and operational performance as part of pre- and post-flight HWIL analysis. We provide extensive simulation support of HWIL operations through the development, analysis, and implementation of target, clutter, electronic attack, multipath, and other environmental models.

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em effects

One of the cornerstones of Signature Solutions' expertise is the creation, development, and support of models and simulations of electromagnetic phenomenology. We routinely provide model development, RF/MMW analysis, and simulation support of electromagnetic effects such as target, clutter, electronic attack, jet engine modulation, and multipath phenomena.

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algorithm development

Signature Solutions has extensive experience in supporting HWIL Simulations through novel, creative, and pertinent algorithm development. Our history of HWIL support includes maintenance and upgrades of legacy software as well as new algorithm developments to improve speed and fidelity for simulation model requirements such as target, clutter, electronic attack, and multipath phenomena. Our expertise includes non-realtime and realtime applications.