signature solutions has pioneered techniques and methodologies for signature based target design


hardware surrogates

Signature Solutions experts have over 25 years experience in Hardware Surrogate and Target Replica signature design. We have supported hardware developments from concept development through fielding of the system. Our engineers utilize a signature driven design process to balance radar and infrared signature requirements with hardware target physical design considerations such as mobility, durability, transportability, and cost. By employing Signature Solutions processes and design experience early in a hardware development program, our customers save tremendous time and expense in costly test-fix-test iterations in the manufacturing process while meeting 100% of their design goals.


virtual prototyping & signature design

For Target Surrogate development, Signature Solutions employs a virtual prototyping process utilizing high fidelity CAD geometry and signature predictions codes to establish a virtual design space for hardware evaluation. By quantifying the impact of manufacturing design decisions on target signatures, prior to bending metal, the appropriate amount of signature acuity can be cost effectively realized in the hardware design.  



Our engineering staff routinely works with hardware manufacturers in the successful realization of hardware surrogate designs. Through expert CAD design and model translation or through reduction of complex signature requirements to physical component fabrication on the shop floor, Signature Solutions has the experience and understands the physical challenges and manufacturing considerations associated with hardware surrogate production. An integrated manufacturing and signatures team ensures customer designs and requirements are fully met.

range testing.jpg


The Signature Solutions team has extensive experience in designing, planning, and executing range testing to ensure hardware surrogates meet physical and signatures specifications. Range testing may be conducted to provide interim design feedback or to satisfy final production acceptance. Signature Solutions often supports signature and mechanical testing of initial prototypes as well as lot samples of production units for hardware surrogate targets.


validation and accreditation

Signature Solutions specializes in the validation and accreditation of hardware surrogate and replica target systems. We know the process and provide our customers with the technical skills and backgrounds to support their VV&A requirements.