Our Company

Signature Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is a small business founded in 2008 and located in Huntsville, AL that specializes in support of advanced technology simulation environments. We perform high-fidelity, physics based radar, thermal infrared (IR), and visual target and threat modeling. We provide analysis, evaluation, and development of radar modeling techniques and algorithms. We support radio frequency (RF) and millimeter-wave (MMW) hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) and all-digital simulations. We perform signature management and virtual prototyping for full-scale, 3D, threat hardware surrogate design and manufacturing.

We base our success on three core beliefs:

Technical Excellence

We believe that if we pay attention to customer needs and provide technical excellence in all that we do and all that we support - everything else works out. Excellence is a habit and Technical Excellence is our culture.

Customer First

Our customers come first. Our success is singularly defined by our customers success. Our goals are always to provide technical superior products and support for our customers, on schedule, and within budget.

Our employees

Our greatest and most valuable resource is our employees. We are dedicated to our employees and our employees are dedicated to our customers and mission success. We are a team on this great adventure.